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No commit message
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......@@ -295,12 +295,11 @@
<pb n="1" facs="1916-02-16_1.jpg"/>
<note type="shelfmark" resp="#archive">
<note place="margin-left-vertical">
<del rend="strikethrough"><idno type="D-B.olim">Mus.ep.H.Huber 31(Busoni-Nachl.B II)</idno></del>
<add place="below"><idno type="D-B">Mus. Nachl. F. Busoni B II, 2258</idno></add>
<del rend="strikethrough margin-left-vertical"><idno type="D-B.olim">Mus.ep.H.Huber 31(Busoni-Nachl.B II)</idno></del>
<add place="below margin-left-vertical"><idno type="D-B">Mus. Nachl. F. Busoni B II, 2258</idno></add>
<salute><foreign xml:lang="it"><choice><abbr>M. C.!</abbr><expan>Mio <unclear reason="incomplete" cert="high">Caro!</unclear> <unclear reason="incomplete" cert="low">Carissimo!</unclear></expan></choice></foreign>
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