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......@@ -2505,9 +2505,10 @@
<biblStruct xml:id="w0151">
<author ref="#p0010">Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart</author>
<idno type="wcat">KV 527</idno>
<idno type="GND">30010782X</idno>
<title>Arie des Don Giovanni <title>Fin ch’han dal vino</title></title>
<title type="epit" subtype="pop">Champagner-Arie</title>
<idno type="wcat">KV 527 Nr. 11</idno>
<idno type="GND">300107870</idno>
<monogr sameAs="#w0002">
......@@ -2517,27 +2518,30 @@
<!-- Refardt ist Sekundärliteratur, in der Index-Datei bibliography.xml als "b0047" bereits vorhanden
<biblStruct xml:id="w0152">
<author ref="#p0127">Edgar Refardt</author>
<title>Briefe Busonis an Hans Huber</title>
<date when-iso="1939-01" type="firstprint"/>
<pubPlace ref="#l0132">Zürich</pubPlace>
<pubPlace ref="#ll0007">Leipzig</pubPlace>
<pubPlace ref="#l0007">Leipzig</pubPlace>
<note resp="thea.olivia.beger">Edition der Briefe Busonis an Hans Huber</note>
<biblStruct xml:id="w0153">
<author ref="#p0017">Ferruccio Busoni</author>
<title>Turandot. eine chinesische Fabel </title>
<title type="sub">Eine chinesische Fabel nach Gozzi in zwei Akten</title>
<idno type="wcat">K 273</idno>
<idno type="GND">300378149</idno>
<date when-iso="1917" type="composed"/>
<date when-iso="1916/1917" type="composed"/>
<date when-iso="1917-05-11" type="firstperf"/>
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