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Busoni Rondo arlecchineso

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...@@ -3771,6 +3771,24 @@ ...@@ -3771,6 +3771,24 @@
</monogr> </monogr>
</biblStruct> </biblStruct>
<biblStruct xml:id="w0233">
<author ref="#p0017">Ferruccio Busoni</author>
<title>Rondo arlecchineso für Orchester</title>
<idno type="op">46</idno>
<idno type="wcat">266</idno>
<idno type="GND">300372817</idno>
<date when-iso="1916-03-05" type="firstperf"/>
<pubPlace ref="#l0020">Rom</pubPlace>
<date when-iso="1917" type="firstprint"/>
<pubPlace ref="#l0007">Leipzig</pubPlace>
</listBibl> </listBibl>
</body> </body>
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