Commit 2be4e2c6 authored by Christian Schaper's avatar Christian Schaper
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Vespignano, Großmehlra, England

parent 904839b7
......@@ -1313,6 +1313,30 @@
<idno type="GND">4114631-1</idno>
<place xml:id="l0138">
<geo>43.948868 11.432272</geo>
<idno type="GND">7718061-6</idno>
<place xml:id="l0139">
<geo>51.265278 10.6125</geo>
<idno type="GND">7558751-8</idno>
<place xml:id="l0140">
<geo>52.483333 -1.566667</geo>
<idno type="GND">4014770-8</idno>
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