Commit 588ae553 authored by HannahLeonore's avatar HannahLeonore
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San Domenico di Fisole; Fiesole hinzugefügt

parent 27a5f4ae
......@@ -2358,6 +2358,28 @@
<idno type="geonames">2661567</idno>
<place xml:id="l0255">
<settlement xml:lang="it">Fisole</settlement>
<settlement xml:lang="dt">Fiesole</settlement>
<geo>43.80455 11.29487</geo>
<idno type="GND">4086480-7</idno>
<idno type="geonames">3177019</idno>
<place xml:id="l0256">
<placeName type="building" xml:lang="it">San Domenico di Fisole</placeName>
<placeName type="building" xml:lang="dt">San Domenico, Fiesole</placeName>
<addrLine><settlement ref="#l0255">Fiesole</settlement></addrLine>
<geo>43.801177 11.285920</geo>
<idno type="GND">4392254-5</idno>
<place xml:id="l0230">
<settlement xml:lang="de">Solothurn</settlement>
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