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bei Silvio di Casanova <patronym> hinzugefügt

parent 0e193441
...@@ -3790,8 +3790,9 @@ ...@@ -3790,8 +3790,9 @@
<idno type="GND">116064072</idno> <idno type="GND">116064072</idno>
<idno type="VIAF">30277633</idno> <idno type="VIAF">30277633</idno>
<persName> <persName>
<forename>Di Casanova</forename> <forename>Silvio</forename>
<surname>Silvio</surname> <nameLink type="patronym">di</nameLink>
<roleName type="nobility">Marchese</roleName> <roleName type="nobility">Marchese</roleName>
</persName> </persName>
<birth> <birth>
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