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Liszts Messen und Requiem hinzugefügt.

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......@@ -3510,7 +3510,25 @@
<biblStruct xml:id="w0217">
<author ref="#p0013">Franz Liszt</author>
<title>Messen und Requiem</title>
<edition>Franz Liszts musikalische Werke</edition>
<editor><persName ref="#p0181">Philipp Wolfrum</persName></editor>
<idno type="PPN">058872124</idno>
<date when-iso="1918" type="firstprint-coll"/>
<pubPlace ref="#l0007">Leipzig</pubPlace>
<publisher>Breitkopf &amp; Härtel</publisher>
<biblScope unit="volume">5</biblScope>
<biblScope unit="issue">3</biblScope>
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