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No commit message
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...@@ -1855,6 +1855,19 @@ ...@@ -1855,6 +1855,19 @@
</location> </location>
<idno type="GND">4050042-1</idno> <idno type="GND">4050042-1</idno>
</place> </place>
<place xml:id="l0204">
<placeName type="building">Angensteinerstrasse 30</placeName>
<addrLine><settlement ref="#l0097">Basel</settlement></addrLine>
<geo>47.549737 7.604273</geo>
<desc>Wohnort <persName ref="#p0125">Hans Hubers</persName> in Basel</desc>
</listPlace> </listPlace>
</body> </body>
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