Commit 906036b3 authored by furthmueller's avatar furthmueller
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Element key in <profileDesc> ergänzt

parent c01a3201
......@@ -166,12 +166,12 @@
<correspDesc ref="">
<correspAction type="sent">
<persName ref="">Ferruccio Busoni</persName>
<persName ref="" key="p0017">Busoni, Ferruccio</persName>
<date notBefore="1916-02-07"/>
<placeName ref="">Zürich</placeName>
<placeName ref="" key="l0132">Zürich</placeName>
<correspAction type="received">
<persName ref="">Hans Huber</persName>
<persName ref="" key="p0125">Huber, Hans</persName>
<ref type="replyTo" target="#1916-02-05-hb"/>
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