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The friends of Lesko the dog

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<note type="event">Autor und Herausgeber N.N.</note>
<biblStruct xml:id="b0057">
<title level="a">The Friends of Lesko, the Dog: Sibelius, Busoni, Armas und Eero Järnefelt, Adolf Paul</title>
<title level="m">Sibelius in the Old and New World</title>
<title level="m" type="sub">Aspects of His Music, Its Interpretation, and Reception</title>
<idno type="DNB">1003334296</idno>
<pubPlace>Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien</pubPlace>
<publisher>Peter Lang</publisher>
<date when-iso="2010"/>
<biblScope unit="page">57–68</biblScope>
<title level="s">Interdisziplinäre Studien zur Musik</title>
<biblScope unit="volume">6</biblScope>
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