Commit cdabf5eb authored by Christian Schaper's avatar Christian Schaper

L’Eve future

parent 224291c5
......@@ -4150,6 +4150,22 @@
<biblStruct xml:id="w0255">
<author ref="#p0240">Auguste de Villiers de L'Isle-Adam</author>
<title xml:lang="de">L’Ève future</title>
<idno type="GND">4298997-8</idno>
<pubPlace ref="#l0012">Paris</pubPlace>
<publisher>M. de Brunhoff</publisher>
<date when-iso="1886" type="firstprint"/>
<note type="event">
<ref type="ext" subtype="gallica" target="#12148/cb35900887q">Digitalisat</ref> bei Gallica (Französische Nationalbibliothek).
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