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...@@ -2110,9 +2110,17 @@ ...@@ -2110,9 +2110,17 @@
<geo>51.225556 6.782778</geo> <geo>51.225556 6.782778</geo>
</location> </location>
<idno type="GND">118548018</idno> <idno type="GND">118548018</idno>
</place> </place>
<place xml:id="l0230">
<settlement xml:lang="de">Solothurn</settlement>
<settlement xml:lang="fr">Soleure</settlement>
<settlement xml:lang="it">Soletta</settlement>
<geo>47.20808 7.53858</geo>
<idno type="GND">4055458-2</idno>
</listPlace> </listPlace>
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