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No commit message
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......@@ -326,9 +326,9 @@
<lb/>gestalteten Dedikation) ist bereits
<lb/>im Druck. &#8211; Gott segne Sie.</p>
<closer rend="indent-first">Ihr verehrungsvoll ergebener
<dateline rend="intend-first-neg">
<date when-iso="1917-11-06">6. Nov. 1917.</date>
<addName><persName ref="#p0017">Ferrucio Busoni</persName></addName>
<date when-iso="1917-11-06" rend="intend-first-neg">6. Nov. 1917.</date>
<addName rend="intend-first-neg"><persName ref="#p0017">Ferrucio Busoni</persName></addName>
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