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"RESEARCH_PUBL_20": "CALLIDUS: Natural Language Processing and Empirical Studies for Teaching Latin. Boston, MA, Schulz, K.; and Beyer, A. July 2018. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3547241",
"RESEARCH_STUDIES_TEXT": "The following studies have been carried out within the project:",
"RESEARCH_STUDIES_TITLE": "Empirical research",
"RESEARCH_STUDIES_1": "in the beginners' class, a year study (school year 2018/19)",
"RESEARCH_STUDIES_2": "in the intermediate Latin classes, a study related to Ovid (1st semester 2018/19) and a study related to Cicero (end of 2017/18)",
"RESEARCH_STUDIES_3": "in the Latin lessons of the older advanced students (upper school) also the studies on Ovid and Cicero",
"RESEARCH_STUDIES_4": "a test of the computer-based exercise formats (MC) by students of Classics (Dec. 2018)",
"RESEARCH_STUDIES_5": "a study within the software (vocabulary unit) (2019)",
"RESULT": "Result",
"RIGHT_CONTEXT_SIZE": "Context words right",
"SEARCH": "Search",
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