Commit 1b03e923 authored by jojohoch's avatar jojohoch
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Remove unnecessary check for unitDefinitionVersion in handleClozeElement

parent 40da0dcf
......@@ -231,11 +231,6 @@ export class SanitizationService {
private handleClozeElement(element: Record<string, UIElementValue>): ClozeElement {
if (!element.document && (! || !element.text)) throw Error('Can\'t read Cloze Element');
// Version 2.0.0 needs to be sanatized as well because child elements were not sanatized before
if (SanitizationService.unitDefinitionVersion && SanitizationService.unitDefinitionVersion[0] >= 3) {
return element as ClozeElement;
let childElements: UIElement[];
let doc: ClozeDocument;
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