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    Luke Campagnola authored
    - Canvas: added per-item context menus
    - Isocurve: 
         option to extend curves to array boundaries
         option to generate QPainterPath instead of vertex array
    - Isosurface is a bajillion times faster
    - ViewBox
         added clear() method
         added locate(item) method (shows where an item is for debugging)
    - automated example testing working properly
    - Exporter gets incorrect source rect when operating on PlotWidget
    - Set correct DPI and size for SVG exporter
    - GLMeshItem works properly with whole-mesh color specified as sequence
    - bugfix in functions.transformCoordinates for rotated matrices
    - reload library checks for modules that are imported multiple times
    - GraphicsObject, UIGraphicsItem: added workaround for PyQt / itemChange bug
    - ScatterPlotItem: disable cached render during export
    - added documentation for several functions
    - minor updates to setup.py
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