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The EO Time Series Viewer is a QGIS Plugin to visualize and label Earth Observation (EO) time series data.
<h3 xmlns="">Highlights</h3>
<li>Spatially synchronized maps for each observation date</li>
<li>Multiple band combinations in parallel, e.g. True Color <i>and</i> SWIR bands</li>
<li>Multi-sensor support: separate render settings for separate image products</li>
<li>Visualization of Spectral and Temporal Profiles</li>
<li>Fast labeling of vecotr files, e.g. with temporal attributes</li>
<li>Quick labeling of vector files</li>
<li>Documentation <a href=""></a></li>
<li>Repository <a href=""></a></li>
<li><cite>Jakimow, B., van der Linden, S., Thiel, F., Frantz, D., & Hostert, P. (2020).
Visualizing and labeling dense multi-sensor earth observation time series: The EO Time Series Viewer.</br>
<a href="">Environmental Modelling & Software, 125. 10.1016/j.envsoft.2020.104631</a></cite>
<h3>How to cite</h3>
The plugin:
Jakimow, B. (2021). EO Time Series Viewer, version X.XX,
<p align="center">
The EO Time Series Viewer is developed at Humboldt-Universit&auml;t zu Berlin, <a href="">Earth Observation Lab</a>.
2021-02-12 (version 1.17):
* move to next/previous observation with arrow right/left
* move to next/previous observation window with CTRL + arrow right/left or A/D
* move to last/first observation with End/Pos1 or ALT + A/D
* select next/previous vector feature with arrow downs/up or S/W
* added option for exclusive visibility of map views
* show next/previous map view with PageDown/PageUp or ALT + S/W
* set map center from/to QGIS with F1/ALT+F1
* set map extent from/to QGIS with F2/ALT+F2
* modified observation slider, slider shows range of visible dates
2021-02-02 (version 1.16):
* fixed smaller issues
* forward / backward button to move in time now shifts by number of opened observation dates/maps
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