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ImageItem now has auto downsampling; seems to be working properly.

Still need auto clipping as well.
parent 193b1097
......@@ -1068,6 +1068,46 @@ def colorToAlpha(data, color):
#raise Exception()
return np.clip(output, 0, 255).astype(np.ubyte)
def downsample(data, n, axis=0, xvals='subsample'):
"""Downsample by averaging points together across axis.
If multiple axes are specified, runs once per axis.
If a metaArray is given, then the axis values can be either subsampled
or downsampled to match.
ma = None
if (hasattr(data, 'implements') and data.implements('MetaArray')):
ma = data
data = data.view(np.ndarray)
if hasattr(axis, '__len__'):
if not hasattr(n, '__len__'):
n = [n]*len(axis)
for i in range(len(axis)):
data = downsample(data, n[i], axis[i])
return data
nPts = int(data.shape[axis] / n)
s = list(data.shape)
s[axis] = nPts
s.insert(axis+1, n)
sl = [slice(None)] * data.ndim
sl[axis] = slice(0, nPts*n)
d1 = data[tuple(sl)]
#print d1.shape, s
d1.shape = tuple(s)
d2 = d1.mean(axis+1)
if ma is None:
return d2
info = ma.infoCopy()
if 'values' in info[axis]:
if xvals == 'subsample':
info[axis]['values'] = info[axis]['values'][::n][:nPts]
elif xvals == 'downsample':
info[axis]['values'] = downsample(info[axis]['values'], n)
return MetaArray(d2, info=info)
def arrayToQPath(x, y, connect='all'):
import pyqtgraph as pg
from pyqtgraph.Qt import QtGui, QtCore
import numpy as np
import collections
......@@ -44,6 +45,7 @@ class ImageItem(GraphicsObject):
self.levels = None ## [min, max] or [[redMin, redMax], ...]
self.lut = None
self.autoDownsample = False
#self.clipLevel = None
self.drawKernel = None
......@@ -140,6 +142,11 @@ class ImageItem(GraphicsObject):
if update:
def setAutoDownsample(self, ads):
self.autoDownsample = ads
self.qimage = None
def setOpts(self, update=True, **kargs):
if 'lut' in kargs:
self.setLookupTable(kargs['lut'], update=update)
......@@ -156,6 +163,10 @@ class ImageItem(GraphicsObject):
if 'removable' in kargs:
self.removable = kargs['removable'] = None
if 'autoDownsample' in kargs:
if update:
def setRect(self, rect):
"""Scale and translate the image to fit within rect (must be a QRect or QRectF)."""
......@@ -198,6 +209,9 @@ class ImageItem(GraphicsObject):
gotNewData = True
shapeChanged = (self.image is None or image.shape != self.image.shape)
self.image = image.view(np.ndarray)
if self.image.shape[0] > 2**15-1 or self.image.shape[1] > 2**15-1:
if 'autoDownsample' not in kargs:
kargs['autoDownsample'] = True
if shapeChanged:
......@@ -259,8 +273,22 @@ class ImageItem(GraphicsObject):
lut = self.lut
#print lut.shape
#print self.lut
argb, alpha = fn.makeARGB(self.image, lut=lut, levels=self.levels)
if self.autoDownsample:
# reduce dimensions of image based on screen resolution
o = self.mapToDevice(QtCore.QPointF(0,0))
x = self.mapToDevice(QtCore.QPointF(1,0))
y = self.mapToDevice(QtCore.QPointF(0,1))
w = pg.Point(x-o).length()
h = pg.Point(y-o).length()
xds = max(1, int(1/w))
yds = max(1, int(1/h))
image = fn.downsample(self.image, xds, axis=0)
image = fn.downsample(image, yds, axis=1)
image = self.image
argb, alpha = fn.makeARGB(image, lut=lut, levels=self.levels)
self.qimage = fn.makeQImage(argb, alpha)
......@@ -278,7 +306,7 @@ class ImageItem(GraphicsObject):
prof.mark('set comp mode')
p.drawImage(QtCore.QPointF(0,0), self.qimage)
p.drawImage(QtCore.QRectF(0,0,self.image.shape[0],self.image.shape[1]), self.qimage)
if self.border is not None:
......@@ -327,6 +355,11 @@ class ImageItem(GraphicsObject):
if self.image is None:
return 1,1
return br.width()/self.width(), br.height()/self.height()
def viewTransformChanged(self):
if self.autoDownsample:
self.qimage = None
#def mousePressEvent(self, ev):
#if self.drawKernel is not None and ev.button() == QtCore.Qt.LeftButton:
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