Commit 1eac666d authored by Luke Campagnola's avatar Luke Campagnola
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PlotDataItem._fourierTransform now uses np.interp

parent 4263379a
......@@ -651,16 +651,12 @@ class PlotDataItem(GraphicsObject):
def _fourierTransform(self, x, y):
## Perform fourier transform. If x values are not sampled uniformly,
## then use interpolate.griddata to resample before taking fft.
## then use np.interp to resample before taking fft.
dx = np.diff(x)
uniform = not np.any(np.abs(dx-dx[0]) > (abs(dx[0]) / 1000.))
if not uniform:
import scipy.interpolate as interp
raise Exception('Fourier transform of irregularly-sampled data requires the package scipy.interpolate.')
x2 = np.linspace(x[0], x[-1], len(x))
y = interp.griddata(x, y, x2, method='linear')
y = np.interp(x2, x, y)
x = x2
f = np.fft.fft(y) / len(y)
y = abs(f[1:len(f)/2])
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