Commit 20b9d079 authored by Antony Lee's avatar Antony Lee
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Nicer range for value histogram of integer images.

When an ImageItem's data has an integer dtype, this patch ensures that
each bin of the LUT histogram contains the same number of integer
values, in order to avoid "spikes" in the histogram that are merely due
to some bins covering more integer values than others.

This commit needs testing (it was rebased from an old commit).
parent 33e4a9e2
from __future__ import division
from ..Qt import QtGui, QtCore
import numpy as np
import collections
......@@ -295,7 +297,15 @@ class ImageItem(GraphicsObject):
if self.image is None:
return None,None
stepData = self.image[::step, ::step]
hist = np.histogram(stepData, bins=bins)
if not np.iterable(bins):
mn = stepData.min()
mx = stepData.max()
if stepData.dtype.kind in "ui": # unsigned or signed int
# we want max - min to be a multiple of nbins
range = mn, mn + np.ceil((mx - mn) / bins) * bins
range = mn, mx
hist = np.histogram(stepData, bins=bins, range=range)
return hist[1][:-1], hist[0]
def setPxMode(self, b):
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