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Added crosshair example

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import initExample ## Add path to library (just for examples; you do not need this)
import numpy as np
import pyqtgraph as pg
from pyqtgraph.Qt import QtGui, QtCore
from pyqtgraph.Point import Point
#genearte layout
app = QtGui.QApplication([])
win = pg.GraphicsWindow()
label = pg.LabelItem(justify='right')
p1 = win.addPlot(row=1, col=0)
p2 = win.addPlot(row=2, col=0)
region = pg.LinearRegionItem()
#create numpy arrays
#make the numbers large to show that the xrange shows data from 10000 to all the way 0
data1 = 10000 + 3000 * np.random.random(size=10000)
data2 = 15000 + 3000 * np.random.random(size=10000)
p1.plot(data1, pen="r")
p1.plot(data2, pen="g")
p2.plot(data1, pen="w")
def update():
region.setRegion([1000, 2000])
#cross hair
vLine = pg.InfiniteLine(angle=90, movable=False)
hLine = pg.InfiniteLine(angle=0, movable=False)
p1.addItem(vLine, ignoreBounds=True)
p1.addItem(hLine, ignoreBounds=True)
vb = p1.vb
def mouseMoved(evt):
pos = evt[0] ## using signal proxy turns original arguments into a tuple
if p1.sceneBoundingRect().contains(pos):
mousePoint = vb.mapSceneToView(pos)
index = int(mousePoint.x())
if index > 0 and index < len(data1):
label.setText("<span style='font-size: 12pt'>x=%0.1f, <span style='color: red'>y1=%0.1f</span>, <span style='color: green'>y2=%0.1f</span>" % (mousePoint.x(), data1[index], data2[index]))
proxy = pg.SignalProxy(p1.scene().sigMouseMoved, rateLimit=60, slot=mouseMoved)
## Start Qt event loop unless running in interactive mode or using pyside.
import sys
if (sys.flags.interactive != 1) or not hasattr(QtCore, 'PYQT_VERSION'):
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