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PyQtGraph - A pure-Python graphics library for PyQt/PySide
Copyright 2011 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Copyright 2011 Luke Campagnola, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Luke Campagnola ('' % 'gmail')
......@@ -7,12 +8,33 @@ Authors:
Ingo Breßler
PyQt 4.5+ or (coming soon) PySide
python 2.6+
PyQt 4.7+ or PySide
python 2.7+ (no python 3 support yet)
numpy, scipy
Known to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Post at the mailing list / forum:!forum/pyqtgraph
Pyqtgraph currently does not have (or really require) any installation
scripts. All that is needed is for the pyqtgraph folder to be placed
someplace importable. Most people will prefer to simply place this folder
within a larger project folder. If you want to make pyqtgraph available
system-wide, copy the folder to one of the directories listed in python's
sys.path list.
You can look around in the examples directory or pester Luke to write some.
There are many examples; run "python -m pyqtgraph.examples" for a menu
Some (incomplete) documentation exists at this time.
- Easiest place to get documentation is at
- If you acquired this code as a .tar.gz file from the website, then you can also look in
- If you acquired this code via BZR, then you can build the documentation using sphinx.
From the documentation directory, run:
$ make html
Please feel free to pester Luke or post to the forum if you need a specific
section of documentation.
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