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TimeSeries model updates changes of sensor names immediately

updated user_guide.rst
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......@@ -21,15 +21,18 @@ Quick Start
2. Click :menuselection:`Files --> Add example` to load an exemplary time series of Landsat and RapidEye observations.
5bands@5.0m RapidEye3. Open the sensor panel :menuselection:`View --> Panels... --> Sensors / Products` and change the sensor names
Open the sensor panel :menuselection:`View --> Panels... --> Sensors / Products` and change the sensor names
============ =========
Default Changed
============ =========
6bands@30.0m Landsat
5bands@5.0m RapidEye3
============ =========
The change of sensor names becomes visible in other other parts of the GUI as well, e.g. the
list of time series source images.
4. Use the scroll band and the map tools |mActionZoomIn| |mActionZoomOut| |mActionPan| to change the temporal and spatial subset shown from the time series.
5. Open the Mapping panel, change the map view name from `Map View 1` to `True Color` and set the multiband color render
......@@ -326,7 +329,7 @@ The spectral library view allows you to visualize, label and export spectral pro
.. note::
The spectral library table behaves quite similar to the attribute table you know from QGIS:
* You can edit the content by entering the editing mode (|mActionToggleEditing|)
* You can edit the content by entering the editing mode |mActionToggleEditing|
* You can add further information by adding fields via the |mActionNewAttribute| button (e.g. different class labels).
Remove them with |mActionDeleteAttribute|, accordingly.
* Double-click into a desired field to change its content
......@@ -205,8 +205,6 @@ class EOTimeSeriesViewerUI(QMainWindow):
def addDockWidget(self, area: Qt.DockWidgetArea, dock: QDockWidget) -> QDockWidget:
shortcut to add a created dock and return it
......@@ -470,8 +468,6 @@ class EOTimeSeriesViewer(QgisInterface, QObject):
dts = self.ui.dockTimeSeries
mw: MapWidget = self.ui.mMapWidget
assert isinstance(mvd, MapViewDock)
assert isinstance(mw, MapWidget)
assert isinstance(dts, TimeSeriesDock)
......@@ -644,10 +640,10 @@ class EOTimeSeriesViewer(QgisInterface, QObject):
assert isinstance(SLW, SpectralLibraryWidget)
SLW.sigLoadFromMapRequest.connect(lambda *args: self.setMapTool(MapTools.SpectralProfile))
# SLW.setMapInteraction(True)
# SLW.setCurrentProfilesMode(SpectralLibraryWidget.CurrentProfilesMode.automatically)
# SLW.sigMapExtentRequested.connect(self.setSpatialExtent)
# SLW.sigMapCenterRequested.connect(self.setSpatialCenter)
# add time-specific fields
sl = self.spectralLibrary()
......@@ -1793,12 +1793,24 @@ class TimeSeries(QAbstractItemModel):
assert isinstance(sensor, SensorInstrument)
if not sensor in self.mSensors:
return sensor
return None
def onSensorNameChanged(self, name: str):
sensor = self.sender()
if isinstance(sensor, SensorInstrument) and sensor in self.sensors():
c = self.columnNames().index(self.cnSensor)
idx0 = self.index(0, c)
idx1 = self.index(self.rowCount()-1, c)
self.dataChanged.emit(idx0, idx1)
s = ""
def checkSensorList(self):
Removes sensors without linked TSD / no data
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