Commit 8ef2cb7e authored by Mikhail Terekhov's avatar Mikhail Terekhov
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CSVExporter: fix the case when stepMode=True

parent 89b0a91c
......@@ -53,9 +53,13 @@ class CSVExporter(Exporter):
for i in range(numRows):
for d in data:
if i < len(d[0]):
fd.write(numFormat % d[0][i] + sep + numFormat % d[1][i] + sep)
fd.write(numFormat % d[0][i] + sep)
fd.write(' %s %s' % (sep, sep))
fd.write(' %s' % sep)
if i < len(d[1]):
fd.write(numFormat % d[1][i] + sep)
fd.write(' %s' % sep)
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