Commit 901e8ae5 authored by Luke Campagnola's avatar Luke Campagnola
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Fixed unicode handling in AxisItem label

parent 1e821049
......@@ -202,13 +202,13 @@ class AxisItem(GraphicsWidget):
units = asUnicode('(x%g)') % (1.0/self.autoSIPrefixScale)
#print repr(self.labelUnitPrefix), repr(self.labelUnits)
units = asUnicode('(%s%s)') % (self.labelUnitPrefix, self.labelUnits)
units = asUnicode('(%s%s)') % (asUnicode(self.labelUnitPrefix), asUnicode(self.labelUnits))
s = asUnicode('%s %s') % (self.labelText, units)
s = asUnicode('%s %s') % (asUnicode(self.labelText), asUnicode(units))
style = ';'.join(['%s: %s' % (k, self.labelStyle[k]) for k in self.labelStyle])
return asUnicode("<span style='%s'>%s</span>") % (style, s)
return asUnicode("<span style='%s'>%s</span>") % (style, asUnicode(s))
def _updateMaxTextSize(self, x):
## Informs that the maximum tick size orthogonal to the axis has
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