Commit a5f2fb08 authored by Benjamin Jakimow's avatar Benjamin Jakimow
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......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ pipelines:
# build and upload plugin to download section
- python3 scripts/ -z timeseriesviewerplugin.$(BITBUCKET_BRANCH)
#- find deploy -name "timeseriesviewerplugin*zip" -exec cp -t deploy2 {} +
- find deploy -name "timeseriesviewerplugin*zip" -exec curl -X POST "https://${BB_AUTH_STRING}${BITBUCKET_REPO_OWNER}/${BITBUCKET_REPO_SLUG}/downloads" --form files=@"target/"
#- find deploy -name "timeseriesviewerplugin*zip" -exec curl -X POST "https://${BB_AUTH_STRING}${BITBUCKET_REPO_OWNER}/${BITBUCKET_REPO_SLUG}/downloads" --form files=@"target/"
......@@ -144,11 +144,10 @@ class TestTimeSeries(EOTSVTestCase):
TS: EOTSV.timeSeries()
ext:SpatialExtent = TS.maxSpatialExtent()
TS: TimeSeries = EOTSV.timeSeries()
ext: SpatialExtent = TS.maxSpatialExtent()
center: SpatialPoint = ext.spatialCenter()
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