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Added methods for saving / restoring state of PloyLineROI

parent 3c2d1d4a
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ pyqtgraph-0.9.9 [unreleased]
- Docks now have optional close button
- Added InfiniteLine.setHoverPen
- Added GLVolumeItem.setData
- Added PolyLineROI.setPoints, clearPoints, saveState, setState
- PlotCurveItem now has correct clicking behavior--clicks within a few px
......@@ -1804,13 +1804,56 @@ class PolyLineROI(ROI):
self.segments = []
ROI.__init__(self, pos, size=[1,1], **args)
for p in positions:
#for p in positions:
#start = -1 if self.closed else 0
#for i in range(start, len(self.handles)-1):
#self.addSegment(self.handles[i]['item'], self.handles[i+1]['item'])
def setPoints(self, points, closed=None):
Set the complete sequence of points displayed by this ROI.
============= =========================================================
points List of (x,y) tuples specifying handle locations to set.
closed If bool, then this will set whether the ROI is closed
(the last point is connected to the first point). If
None, then the closed mode is left unchanged.
============= =========================================================
if closed is not None:
self.closed = closed
for p in points:
start = -1 if self.closed else 0
for i in range(start, len(self.handles)-1):
self.addSegment(self.handles[i]['item'], self.handles[i+1]['item'])
def clearPoints(self):
Remove all handles and segments.
while len(self.handles) > 0:
def saveState(self):
state = ROI.saveState(self)
state['closed'] = self.closed
state['points'] = [tuple(h.pos()) for h in self.getHandles()]
return state
def setState(self, state):
ROI.setState(self, state)
self.setPoints(state['points'], closed=state['closed'])
def addSegment(self, h1, h2, index=None):
seg = LineSegmentROI(handles=(h1, h2), pen=self.pen, parent=self, movable=False)
if index is None:
......@@ -1936,6 +1979,8 @@ class PolyLineROI(ROI):
for seg in self.segments:
seg.setPen(*args, **kwds)
class LineSegmentROI(ROI):
ROI subclass with two freely-moving handles defining a line.
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