Commit d1521dc7 authored by Luke Campagnola's avatar Luke Campagnola
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ROI fix - filled in missing rotate() method

parent 48929a2a
......@@ -62,11 +62,11 @@ class ROI(GraphicsObject):
self.handlePen = QtGui.QPen(QtGui.QColor(150, 255, 255))
self.handles = []
self.state = {'pos': pos, 'size': size, 'angle': angle} ## angle is in degrees for ease of Qt integration
self.state = {'pos': Point(0,0), 'size': Point(1,1), 'angle': 0} ## angle is in degrees for ease of Qt integration
self.lastState = None
#self.rotate(-angle * 180. / np.pi)
self.isMoving = False
......@@ -237,9 +237,8 @@ class ROI(GraphicsObject):
#if 'update' not in kargs or kargs['update'] is True:
def rotate(self, angle, center=(0,0), angleSnap=False, update=True, finish=True):
#self.setAngle(self.angle()+angle, update=update, finish=finish)
def rotate(self, angle, update=True, finish=True):
self.setAngle(self.angle()+angle, update=update, finish=finish)
def addTranslateHandle(self, pos, axes=None, item=None, name=None):
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