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2020-11-16 (version 1.15):
* quick labels: CTRL + right mouse button opens map menu even when the feature modify map tool is activates
* source visibility update can be run on entire time series or (new and faster) for the next time steps only
* time series table can keep focus on the date range that is visualized in the map windows
* smaller bug fixes and improvements of workflow
2020-11-06 (version 1.14):
* this version focuses on stability updates and improvements of the "quick label" system
* map canvas menu now available with standard map tool (like zoom tool)
......@@ -1176,7 +1176,7 @@ class TimeSeriesFindOverlapTask(QgsTask):
max_forward: int = -1,
max_backward: int = -1,
description='Calculate image pixel overlap',
description: str =None,
sample_size: int = 16,
progress_interval: int = 2):
......@@ -1193,8 +1193,13 @@ class TimeSeriesFindOverlapTask(QgsTask):
:param sample_size:
:param progress_interval:
if description is None:
if date_of_interest is not None and (max_forward != -1 or max_backward != -1):
description = f'Find image overlap ({str(date_of_interest)})'
description = f'Find image overlap (all dates)'
super().__init__(description=description, flags=QgsTask.CanCancel | QgsTask.CancelWithoutPrompt)
assert sample_size >= 1
assert progress_interval >= 1
assert isinstance(extent, SpatialExtent)
......@@ -1790,7 +1795,7 @@ class TimeSeries(QAbstractItemModel):
def hideTSDs(self, tsds):
self.showTSDs(tsds, False)
def removeTSDs(self, tsds):
def removeTSDs(self, tsds: typing.List[TimeSeriesDate]):
Removes a list of TimeSeriesDate
:param tsds: [list-of-TimeSeriesDate]
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