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      Profilers controllable via PYQTGRAPHPROFILE. · f136b330
      Antony Lee authored
      A new function profiling system is implemented.  Most importantly, this
      allows one to profile various internal functions directly by setting the
      `PYQTGRAPHPROFILE` environment variable to a comma separated list of
      function and method names, e.g.
          PYQTGRAPHPROFILE=functions.makeARGB,ImageItem.render \
              python -mexamples
      Specifically, items in `PYQTGRAPHPROFILE` must be of the form
      `classname.methodname` or `dotted_module_name.functionname`, with the
      initial "pyqtgraph." stripped from the dotted module name.
      Moreover, the overhead of inactive profilers has been kept minimal: an
      introspective check of the caller's name (only if `PYQTGRAPHPROFILE` is
      set) and a trivial function (not method) call per profiler call.
      The new profilers rely on `sys._getframe` to find the caller's name,
      although the previous system (passing the caller's name explicitely)
      could certainly have been kept instead.
      Finally the API of profilers has been changed: register a
      profiling point simply by calling the profiler, and profilers are
      automatically flushed on garbage collection.  See the docstring of
      `pyqtgraph.debug.Profiler` for more details.
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      Use actions of ViewBox's contextMenu in full menu. · 23a0d6d7
      Antony Lee authored
      The main change is on `ViewBox.getContextMenus`, which now returns an
      up-to-date of actions that `GraphicsScene.addParentContextMenus` can use.
      Also, `getContextMenus` was given a default implementation in the base
      class (falling back on `getMenu` if defined), and some cleanup was done.