Commit 0a52ad11 authored by letournd's avatar letournd
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29.10.2021 / v4.45 / Trying to move trend finding timing to server side

parent f49a2135
......@@ -1327,11 +1327,6 @@ def trendfinder(set_progress, submit_n_clicks, n_clicks, rawdatain, sminseriesle
return seriesdataout, 0
if numunitsbases > 18:
set_progress([0, False, False, 'Status: Enter a value <= 18 for "# of units/bases to test" and try again.'])
return seriesdataout, 0
# Now we determine what units/bases to use in trend finding. If a single KMD unit and base have both been chosen,
# running the unitbasefinder function is not necessary. If the unit and base are the same, we don't add them twice.
if (unitselect == 'custom') and (baseselect == 'custom'):
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