Unverified Commit cedb6d8b authored by Dr. Markus Schrenker's avatar Dr. Markus Schrenker Committed by GitHub
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v 1.1.463

parent 09fc6ee9
$checksum = '359df07f279db25c99d0f91449b0fc33'
$checksum = '58b3d796d8cf96fb8580c62f46ab64d4'
$checksumType = 'md5'
Install-ChocolateyPackage 'R.Studio' 'exe' '/S' "https://download1.rstudio.org/RStudio-1.1.447.exe" -CheckSum $checksum -ChecksumType $checksumType -validExitCodes @(0)
Install-ChocolateyPackage 'R.Studio' 'exe' '/S' "https://download1.rstudio.org/RStudio-1.1.463.exe" -CheckSum $checksum -ChecksumType $checksumType -validExitCodes @(0)
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