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......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ gen_docs:
stage: build
- cd docs
- python3 dep/ '' '(subtitle:[\s][\S])\b.*$' 'subtitle:\s"Version <b>${CI_COMMIT_TAG}</b>"'
- python3 dep/ '' '(date:[\s][\S])\b.*$' 'date:\s"${DATE}"'
- python3 dep/ '' '(subtitle:[\s][\S])(\b.*$)' '$1Version <b>${CI_COMMIT_TAG}</b>"'
- python3 dep/ '' '(date:[\s][\S])(\b.*$)' '$1"${DATE}"'
- pandoc --filter pandoc-include --filter pandoc-crossref --citeproc --bibliography=dep/appendix.bib --csl=dep/journal-of-family-research.csl --number-sections --table-of-contents -c dep/empty.css -H dep/vue_extended_h.css -H dep/lightbox.js -s -o appendix.html
- cp appendix.html index.html
- python3 dep/ 'index.html' '../results/figures' 'figures' # fix links for pages (though usually no problem with base64 encoded .svg)
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