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'Online Appendix: From "guestworkers" to EU migrants: A gendered view on the labor market integration of different arrival cohorts in Germany'
subtitle: 'Version <b>1.2.0</b>'
date: '2020-12-21'
subtitle: "Version <b>1.2.0</b>"
date: "2020-12-21"
titleDelim: .
figureTemplate: __$$figureTitle$$ $$i$$$$titleDelim$$__ $$t$$
subfigureTemplate: __$$figureTitle$$ $$i$$$$titleDelim$$__ $$t$$
......@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ subfigureRefIndexTemplate: $$i$$$$suf$$$$s$$
## Setting
python3 dep/ 'index.html' 'PEANUTS' 'regex prob?'
# pandoc call
# pandoc --filter pandoc-include --filter pandoc-crossref --citeproc --bibliography=appendix.bib --csl=journal-of-family-research.csl --number-sections --table-of-contents -c ../public/css/vue_extended.css -s -o test.html
pandoc --filter pandoc-include --filter pandoc-crossref --citeproc --bibliography=appendix.bib --csl=journal-of-family-research.csl --number-sections --table-of-contents -c ../public/css/vue_extended.css -s -o test.html
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