Commit 792c713a authored by Konstantin Schulz's avatar Konstantin Schulz
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fixed SQLalchemy session options

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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ from open_alchemy import init_yaml
from mcserver.config import Config
# remove stale connections from the connection pool after 1 hour
db: SQLAlchemy = SQLAlchemy(session_options={"pool_recycle": 3600}) # session_options={"autocommit": True}
db: SQLAlchemy = SQLAlchemy() # session_options={"autocommit": True, "pool_recycle": 3600}
migrate: Migrate = Migrate(directory=Config.MIGRATIONS_DIRECTORY)
if not hasattr(open_alchemy.models, Config.DATABASE_TABLE_CORPUS):
# do this _BEFORE_ you add any APIs to your application
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