Commit 5048f016 authored by Benjamin Jakimow's avatar Benjamin Jakimow
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rtd conf

parent c729d6cd
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ import os
import sys
import mock
MOCK_MODULES = ['qgis','qgis.core','qgis.gui','qgis.utils','qgis.PyQt.QtGui','qgis.PyQt.QtCore', 'gdal', 'numpy', 'scipy', 'pyqtgraph','OpenGL']
MOCK_MODULES = ['qgis','qgis.core','qgis.gui','qgis.utils','qgis.PyQt.QtGui','qgis.PyQt.QtCore', 'PyQt5','gdal', 'numpy', 'scipy', 'pyqtgraph','OpenGL']
for mod_name in MOCK_MODULES:
sys.modules[mod_name] = mock.Mock()
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