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documentation, bugfix

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......@@ -261,6 +261,9 @@ class PlotCurveItem(GraphicsObject):
by :func:`mkBrush <pyqtgraph.mkBrush>` is allowed.
antialias (bool) Whether to use antialiasing when drawing. This
is disabled by default because it decreases performance.
stepMode If True, two orthogonal lines are drawn for each sample
as steps. This is commonly used when drawing histograms.
Note that in this case, len(x) == len(y) + 1
============== ========================================================
If non-keyword arguments are used, they will be interpreted as
......@@ -475,7 +475,7 @@ class PlotDataItem(GraphicsObject):
if self.xClean is None:
nanMask = np.isnan(self.xData) | np.isnan(self.yData) | np.isinf(self.xData) | np.isinf(self.yData)
if any(nanMask):
if nanMask.any():
self.dataMask = ~nanMask
self.xClean = self.xData[self.dataMask]
self.yClean = self.yData[self.dataMask]
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