Commit ff384b80 authored by Luke Campagnola's avatar Luke Campagnola
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Accidentally left in drawn bounding rect for scatterplotitem

parent 00a885f7
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ class ScatterPlotItem(GraphicsObject):
prof = debug.Profiler('ScatterPlotItem.__init__', disabled=True)
#self.setFlag(self.ItemHasNoContents, True)
self.setFlag(self.ItemHasNoContents, True) = np.empty(0, dtype=[('x', float), ('y', float), ('size', float), ('symbol', 'S1'), ('pen', object), ('brush', object), ('item', object), ('data', object)])
self.bounds = [None, None] ## caches data bounds
self._maxSpotWidth = 0 ## maximum size of the scale-variant portion of all spots
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